Playground 3: One Night Stand

Playground 3: One Night Stand centered around the topic of couples, both odd and ordinary, finding themselves thrown together in places challenging their sense of borders and intimacy.

In the One Night Stand universe, situations quickly turned from the usual to the unusual, in unexpected ways, as our delightful duos found their relationships tested in unfamiliar ways.

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Playground 3: One Night Stand Played on:

February 19, 20, 26 & 27
De Nieuwe Anita
Frederik Hendrikstraat 111, 1052 HN Amsterdam

The plays:

by Denis Burke
Have you ever been in a panic that you couldn’t tell the living from the dead? Welcome to Michael’s world, hopefully his old band mate Harry can help get him out of this jam.

With Ben Evans, Andy Cowie & Quin Mero
Directed by Quin Mero
This amateur production is presented by donation from Denis Burke

by Sharon Cooper
Stephanie loves animals. Phil hasn’t gone to an audition in a long time and isn’t so sure that he’s at one now. So where the hell is this story going?

With Brian Ligthart & Katharina Olsen
Directed by Andy Cowie
This amateur production is presented royalty free by CRY HAVOC (

by Eric Coble
After a disappointing sales pitch, Emma and Charlie’s bad luck isn’t over just yet. These two now find themselves trapped between a hostage situation next door and each other!
Pillow Talk

With Christine Blakeley & Abigail Levene
Directed by Quin Mero
This amateur production is presented by donation from Eric Coble

by Peter Tolan
Doug & Aaron are enjoying a road trip across the US. But unexpectedly having to share a bed one night forces them to examine their feelings about friendship & initmacy a little too closely for comfort. A comedy double act with two straight men.

With Charles Bird & Chris Grabski
Directed by Ben Evans
This amateur production is presented by arrangement with Josef Weinberger Limited

Poster design: Victoria Prokhorova @nika_prokhor
All photos courtesy of Arjen Veldt