It’s a Wonderful Life

In December Downstage Left staged the Christmas Classic It’s a Wonderful Life, adapted for stage by Joe Landry as a live radio play. Downstage Left staged this production in collaboration with the InPlayers, Amsterdam’s most-cherished English-language theatre group.

In many ways It’s a Wonderful Life is America’s Christmas Carol, a story of redemption, hope and Christmas magic.

It’s A Wonderful Life: A live Radio Play ran from December 15-18 at the Polanentheater in Amsterdam.

Katya Petrova
Brian Ligthart
Amanda Lee
Christine Blakeley
Domenico Gemoli
Eoghan Kellher
Ente Breed
Abigail Levene
Benjamin Keaton
Maria Charles
Alexandra Sokolowski
Anna Anning

Denis Burke – Director
Katya Petrova – Stage Manager
Jess Graham – Set Designer | Prop Master
Morag McLean – Set Designer | Prop Master
Evonne Dunne – Sound and Lighting
Ángela Sedeño Cacciatore – Costume Designer | Graphic design
Ente Breed – Musical arrangements | Piano

Produced by special arrangement with Playscripts, Inc. (

Image: Ángela Sedeño