It’s a Wonderful Life

In December Downstage Left staged the Christmas Classic It's a Wonderful Life, adapted for stage by Joe Landry as a live radio play. Downstage Left staged this production in collaboration with the InPlayers, Amsterdam's most-cherished English-language theatre group. In many ways It's a Wonderful Life is America's Christmas Carol, a story of redemption, hope and … Continue reading It’s a Wonderful Life

Playground 3: One Night Stand

Playground 3: One Night Stand centered around the topic of couples, both odd and ordinary, finding themselves thrown together in places challenging their sense of borders and intimacy. In the One Night Stand universe, situations quickly turned from the usual to the unusual, in unexpected ways, as our delightful duos found their relationships tested in … Continue reading Playground 3: One Night Stand

Playground 2: Crossed Wires

Playground 2: Crossed Wires played at De Nieuwe Anita in June, 2019. This evening of one acts was all about people getting their wires crossed, relatable but infuriating misunderstandings, and finding love in confusing places. Praise "A great fun evening of theater" - George "Don't miss this fresh, fun and inspiring performance. I enjoyed it … Continue reading Playground 2: Crossed Wires