Playground 5: Dark Times

Downstage Left’s next edition of the playground is coming up in July, 2023 at the Badhuis Theater. With each Playground we pick a theme and present 3-5 short plays based on that theme, including work from emerging playwrights, as well as established greats. For this edition of the Playground, we bring you three short plays about people looking for resolution — and not always finding it.

The plays

Gobby, by Jodie Irvine

Gobby is the story of one woman’s journey through five parties and the curse of being ‘too loud’. Awkward meetings and exclusion abound. Sometimes hilarious and sometimes deeply saddening, Gobby is a festival of feelings.

Meeting in Amsterdam, by Edward Einhorn

Frida Vanek, niece of the famous dissident playwright Ferdinand Vanek (a character made famous by Vaclav Havel), has a meeting in Amsterdam with Jan Stanek, her father’s old friend. Frida is an American, her parents immigrated just after the Velvet Revolution in Czechoslovakia. Jan is running for political office in the modern Czech Republic and visiting Amsterdam to fundraise. Frida has just found some damning papers about Jan, however, in her mother’s papers. According to the papers, Jan was once an informant to the Communist secret police. Frida confronts Jan and the question of whether to make them public.

First came guilt and shame followed, by Linda Sjöström

A brand new and deeply moving piece that looks at the pains of family duty and some of the almost impossible burdens of motherhood.

When and where?

Playground 5 plays at

The Badhuistheater
Boerhaaveplein 28
1091 AT

Thursday 13 July 20:00 – Tickets
Friday 14 July 20:00 – Tickets
Saturday 15 July 20:00 – Tickets

Standard €17
Early-bird €15.00 (available until the end of May)

This edition of the Playground is made possible with the kind support of the Amsterdam Fonds voor de Kunst