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What’s On?

The Amsterdam Art heist

Downstage Left proudly presents The Amsterdam Art Heist: a time-traveling whodunnit, by Denis Burke

A priceless painting disappears without a trace from Amsterdam’s National Museum.

Ten years later, famous private investigator Eva Blazsko travels back through time to solve the mystery.

Things do not go smoothly.

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About us

Downstage Left is an Amsterdam-based international theatre company. We perform in English but we come from many backgrounds, cultures and languages. Roughly half of our performances are local-brew plays written in English in Amsterdam. We dish up original  theatre in conventional and unconventional settings.

Active since 2017, Downstage Left’s work so far includes Tamara, Playground 1: Love in Pieces, A 2016 Love Story, Playground 2: Crossed Wires, Marc Camoletti’s Don’t Dress for Dinner, Playground 3: One Night StandProof and Playground 4: The Waiting Room. The company has performed together in several venues around Amsterdam including De Nieuwe Anita, Mezrab, the Clifford, the Polanentheater, the Badhuistheater, Juan C Tajes Studio, and ZID. More recently we’ve been dabbling in festivals. We’ve had shows in the 10′ International Theater Festival, the FEATS Fringe Festival, and Imagine Belfast.

Who are you people?

Downstage Left was founded by Anastasia Reshetnikova, Andy Cowie, Annika van der Vegt, Ben Evans, Borislava Todorova, Brian Ligthart, Denis Burke, Jon Calado, Katharina Olsen, Silvia Pietrosanti and Yulia Prokhorova. Quin Mero, Katarina Barcikova,  Christine Blakely, Jess Graham,  Abigail Levine and Evonne Dunne came on board a little while later.

how can I get involved with Downstage Left?

A sensible question. We are often looking for technicians, lighting designers, stage managers, stage crew, set designers and builders, marketing and fund raising support, and even actors and directors. Downstage Left is run entirely by volunteers so please note we are not in a position to offer paid work. If you would like to get involved, please get in touch here

Images: Jess Graham, Arjen Veldt, Daniel Fornies Soria, Brian Ligthart, Victoria Prokhorova
KvK number: 72885920
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