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Downstage Left is an Amsterdam-based international theatre company. We perform in English but we come from many backgrounds, cultures and languages. Roughly half of our performances are local-brew plays written in English in Amsterdam. We dish up original  theatre in conventional and unconventional settings.

Our next show Don’t Dress for Dinner, by Marc Camoletti, is a hilarious farce. It plays from November 14-17, 2019, at Het Polanentheater Amsterdam. Click here for tickets.

Active since 2017, Downstage Left’s work so far includes Tamara, Playground 1: Love in Pieces, A 2016 Love Story and Playground 2: Crossed Wires. The company has performed together in several venues including De Nieuwe Anita, Mezrab, the Clifford and ZID.

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Photos: Arjen Veldt, Daniel Fornies Soria, Brian Ligthart
KvK number: 72885920