Writers wanted!

Send us your scripts

We want to help brand new Netherlands-based writers develop their first scripts (or at least their first scripts in English), culminating in a staged reading before a live audience. We’ll select between three and five scripts from all the scripts received to take forward.

What kind of new work? 

We’re open to any genre, any setting, with some preference for comedy. Working with the resources available, scripts should require minimal staging (eg lighting, set, props, costumes, effects) and few actors: two or three would be ideal.

More than four will be difficult to accommodate. While not ruling out monologues, pieces for two or three actors will get our preference. Scripts should have a run time of between 10-20 minutes (very approximately 10-20 pages). We’re not in a position to stage musicals or adaptations at this time.


Please send your script to info@downstageleft.org with ‘Script submissions’ in the subject line before June 23. We hope to respond to all submissions by the middle of July. Winning scripts will be staged in Amsterdam on the evening of September 11.


Downstage Left will draw on its regular directors and actors to help stage the winning submissions. If a prospective writer already has people they would like to work with, we are very open to it, with the caveats that we prefer experienced actors and directors and we discourage playwrights from directing their own work. 

Who can enter?

We’re open to anyone based in the Netherlands, regardless of their national origin or native language. Don’t worry if you feel your English isn’t perfect – we’re interested in your creativity, not your grammar.


Writers agree to give Downstage Left first option on any full production of their play. We have hard criteria (no musicals, no adaptations) and softer criteria (we want to work in a way that feels inclusive and safe for all participants and will select work accordingly) but inevitably, some of our decisions will be subjective. In these cases we ask for understanding and to respect that our decision will be final. 

We’re not terribly fussy about format but if in doubt, the BBC writers room has some useful formats you can work from https://www.bbc.co.uk/writersroom/documents/stage.pdf