Downstage Left is happy to present The Amsterdam Art Heist: a time-traveling whodunnit, by Denis Burke, in November 2020.


A priceless painting disappears without a trace from Amsterdam’s National Museum.

Ten years later, famous private investigator Eva Blazsko travels back through time to solve the mystery.

Things do not go smoothly.

This time traveling, art heist whodunnit is a Downstage Left original production.

When and where?

Het Polanentheater
Polanenstraat 174, 1013 WC AMSTERDAM

19.11 – 20:15
20.11 – 20:15
21.11 – 20:15
22.11 – 15:15

Tickets: €20*

Due to the ongoing pandemic situation, tickets are limited to 25 per show.

*Excluding a one-off ticketing fee of €0,79

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